Phrenze Capsules (Kratom Replacement Nootropic Blend)



Phrenze Phenibut GABA + Kava Supplement Capsules – Kratom Alternative

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Phrenze Bump (Formerly White)

Phrenze White shifts your mindset so you can prepare for any challenge. Reach your goals with Phrenze White’s blend of phenibut, kava, noopept, vitamin B6, beta alanine, plus a perfect balance of caffeine and L-theanine.

Phrenze Chill (Formerly Red)

Choose Phrenze Red when you need to hit pause. Phrenze Red is made up of phenibut, kava, noopept, vitaminB6, and beta alanine, so you can slow down and feel the benefits of your break.

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Bump (Formerly White), Chill (Formerly Red)


30ct Capsules, 4ct Capsules


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