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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the most potent yellow strains available, but it is also extremely rare. Not only does this strain of Kratom grow uniquely in Vietnam’s Mekong River region, but the yellow version can only be acquired after the leaves have been dried and fermented in a specific manner. Not all farmers are aware of the optimal recipe for Yellow Vietnam powder, which adds to its rarity. If you do manage to obtain Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom, you are in for a truly unique experience. Vietnam Kratom is renowned for its smoothness.

Yellow Vietnam is something everyone needs to try!

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is the most rare strain of kratom, having a quick resonant frequency and alkaloids that are significantly different from those found in Maeng Da and Thai kratom.

If you’ve noticed that the effects of Maeng Da and Thai Leaf have waned, give this one a try!
It will function flawlessly.

The same type of energizing sensation (but fresher) as High-Quality Fast speed Kratom.
While fast-acting Kratom strains are the most popular   Yellow Vietnam kratom is frequently the last Fast Strain to be picked! Yellow Vietnam Kratom is “Underrated” in the kratom community

Oftentimes, the last Kratom strains that clients sample become their favortes.

If you’ve discovered over time that Kratom strains that are less well-known tend to connect the most with you, this strain will be right up your alley.

Benefits of Yellow Vietnam:

  • Strong Specialty Strain
  • Suitable for experienced users
  • Premium Quality, fine grain powder
  •  Sourced from Vietnamese farmers,
  • Purity Tested

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50g (Powder), 100g (Powder), 300g (Powder), 1000g (Powder), 30ct (Capsules), 60ct (Capsules), 90ct (Capsules), 150ct (Capsules)


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