Candid Water-Soluble Kratom Extract Drink Powder

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Candid Flavored Kratom Drink Mix

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Candid Orange

The industry’s first Kratom drink mix is finally here- and delivers all of the benefits with amazing taste! Get all of the positive effects of Kratom in the drink of your choice, and change the way you use natural wellness products for good.

Following the recommended intake of Candid Kratom can lead to more energy, less pain, euphoria, and more. Further research indicates Kratom can inhibit inflammatory mediator release, vascular permeability, and immunity enhancement.

Candid Kratom is a great orange infused kratom extract with 45% mitragynine content more potent than any other form of kratom. Not only does it taste great but it packs a punch!

Candid Kratom users say they have more energy, less anxiety, and more relief from their pain. Each stickpack contains:

  • High quality Kratom Extract
  • 155 mg Per Servings
  • 2 Servings Per Pack
  • Great-tasting orange flavor
  • First kratom drink mix- easy to consume with your favorite beverage!

A Better Tasting Kratom

Each stickpack of Candid Orange Flavored Kratom contains a blend of 45% mitragynine kratom infused with a proprietary orange scented and flavored full spectrum extract.

Candid is a premium Kratom brand that provides innovative products at affordable prices

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