What Is Delta 9 THC? Dispensary Grade THC

Introducing Delta 9 THC ( Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)

Did you know that you can now get real THC products delivered to your home, regardless of where you live? Perhaps you’ve heard rumors from folks in your smoking circle, or perhaps you’ve seen a bizarre segment on the evening news. In any case, Earth Grown Wellness is here to answer all of your hemp-derived THC inquiries (and no, it’s not too good to be true!)

Of the hundreds of cannabis compounds, none are as famous or as intensely studied as Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 is “the” THC cannabinoid; responsible for the plant’s famously intoxicating effects. But lately, Delta-9 has been sharing the spotlight with a few other THC variations–primarily Delta-8, Delta-10, and TCHO-A.

What is Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC, And How is it made?

There are two types of Delta 9 THC. Both involve cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp. Marijuana plants, the fabled plant that we all grew up with, naturally contain the hallucinogenic chemical known as Delta-9 THC. Then there’s the CBD-rich hemp plant, which is where your CBD and other cannabinoids come from.

Hemp-Derived Delta 9 begins with legal hemp that contains less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight per definition. THC is derived from the cannabis plant in the same manner as CBD and other cannabinoids are. THC oil generated from hemp is then added to consumables with a THC content of less than 0.3 percent by dry weight.

As a result of legal hemp, THC edibles are now legal in all 50 states. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, you can now have THC edibles delivered to your door (just like at dispensaries) no matter where you live!

What Are The Effects And Benefits Of Hemp-Derived Delta 9?

 A hemp-derived THC high feels just like a typical THC high since it’s chemically identical to THC. THC produced from hemp binds to both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the same way as “conventional” THC does. This means that THC extracted from hemp will provide you with the same combination brain-and-body high as most THC strains 

THC produced from hemp is now only available in edible form. Only the distinction between an edible high and a smoking or vaping high will distinguish a hemp-derived THC high from a regular THC high.

Is Hemp-Derived THC Legal?

Yes! Hemp-Derived D9 THC is now legal in all 50 states because of the 2018 Farm Bill. All hemp and hemp products must have less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight, according to the bill (THC isn’t illegal in and of itself; only large amounts of it are). Cannabis entrepreneurs have been able to sell actual THC by obtaining it from legal hemp and maintaining the THC concentration in their sweets below the 0.3 percent standard. Although the end product may be a somewhat larger edible, who’s going to complain?

Is Hemp-Derived THC Safe?

There hasn’t been much research on hemp-derived delta-9 THC, like all other uncommon cannabinoids. However, existing data demonstrates that when purchased and used appropriately by an adult, HD9 THC is just as safe as any other cannabinoid.

Although there have been some safety concerns raised about the dose of compliant D9 products, we know you’re smart enough to read the label and proceed with caution. Because this is real THC, it’s equally as powerful as… real THC.

On top of that, Earth Grown Wellness puts all of our goods through rigorous testing to assure the highest level of purity and safety for our customers.

How is Hemp-Derived THC Different From Regular THC?

THC obtained from hemp and THC derived from “regular” marijuana are identical at the molecular level. The only distinction is the plant from which the extract was derived.

In order to maintain the THC level under 0.3 percent by dry weight, hemp-derived THC nearly invariably appears in the form of edibles. Gummies are the most frequent HD9 THC edible, but as more people learn about this cannabinoid, look for more intriguing new items!

Where Can I Buy Hemp-Derived THC?

Reputable Hemp Derived Delta 9 Brands-

Each of the Helping Friendly Dispensary Grade Soft Chews have a total of 400mg of cannabinoids per 8 count package!

Now each gummy comes with an amazing dose of 30mg of CBG which is the cannabinoid that has been shown to help aid with inflammation, pain, and nausea to name a few.

That’s not it though.

This is where the dispensary grade comes in because not only does each gummy have 30mg of CBG but also 20mg of compliant Delta-9 THC per gummy!

An all-natural and organic Delta-9 Gummy- this Watermelon chew is packed with 15mg of Delta-9 THC and 3.75mg CBD. Our signature gummies come complete with a 4:1 ratio of THC to CBD, setting a quality standard in the edible industry. All of our products that leave our production facility are quality ensured to meet farm bill standards, making our inventory federally compliant. We proudly ship to MOST US states! Our products are manufactured in a licensed hemp and CGMP certified facility.

10mg Delta 9 per gummy

10mg Full Spectrum CBD Per gummy


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