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All Orders Placed Between 1/15 and 1/18 were shipped on 1/18 due to USPS/Fedex being closed Monday for MLK day
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This is a picture of a portable usb-c rechargeable Dry Herb Vaporizer with led display, 5 different heat levels, haptic feedback, and a power boost mode by wulf mods in the color green perfect for any herb enthusiast

Wulf Next Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

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Wulf Next is a dry herb vaporizer that’s compact and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, offering both subtlety and portability. This vape pen has five different temperature settings and a magnetic mouthpiece making it easy to load your herb into the chamber. Also, this on-the-go device is compatible with a USB-c charging cable and features haptic feedback. This function lets you know when the device reached its chosen temperature and when it goes into standby mode.

Wulf Mods manufacturers this discreet and versatile device in a way that makes vaporizing your herbs easy and tasty. Using the power button allows you to toggle through one of five preset temperatures. Also, to save the battery life and increase the longevity of the pen, the device goes into standby mode with inactivity. And it automatically shuts down after four minutes of non-use. In sum, the Wulf Next Vaporizer has an appealing design, fits in your hand or pocket, has a quick heat-up time, and offers both haptic feedback and a power boost mode.

Five preset temperature settings

An all-new standout in the crowd, the Wulf Next by Wulf Mods is renowned for delivering improved sessions with a matching performance. Perfect for the herb lovers, this vape utilizes top features for an exceptional performance. These features include haptic feedback, 30 second heat up time, 5 temperature settings and rapid USB charging.

To start the device, press on the power button 5 times rapidly in a row. Note, if you don’t click on the power button quickly enough the device won’t register the action and won’t work. Once the device is on, to navigate click the power button 2 times in a row to change to the temperature of your choosing. Bright LED light indicators will go off in occurrence to the temperature level from 356° to 428°.

The power button on the Wulf Next Vaporizer lets you adjust the heat setting to five different temperatures. And the LED lights on the front of the device turn blue as you toggle through each one of the settings. Users report liking the second and third setting the most, because of the great tastes and smooth draw.

  • 1 blue LED light 356°F
  • 2 blue LED lights 374°F
  • 3 blue LED lights 392°F
  • 4 blue LED lights 410°F
  • 5 blue LED lights 428°F

Power boost mode

This feature of the Wulf Next Vaporizer gradually heats up the herb, 10 degrees at a time, before reaching the selected temperature. This slow heating mechanism helps preserve the terpenes in the flower to provide better tasting flavors. Also, it preserves the life of the herb and ensures smoother clean hits.

 During the power boost the lights will flash, allowing the temperature to rise 10 degrees every 5 seconds. For safety reasons the Wulf Next has an automatic shut off time of 4 minutes to prevent wasting of power or overheating.

Haptic feedback

Having this feature on the vaporizer is very convenient because the pen vibrates to let you know when it achieves the preset setting you selected. This innovative technology is a huge benefit and something you don’t often get on vaporizers at this price point.

Generous size chamber

For such a small, compact device that fits tightly into the palm of your hand, it has a nice-sized chamber. Underneath the magnetic mouthpiece, is the chamber where you can load up to 0.50 grams of your most appetizing herb. And with the included tool, you can stir it around to make it burn more evenly, thereby making it last longer.

Before using the Wulf Next start with prepping your herbs. To begin, grind your herbs and fill the vape with the desired amount in the chamber. Note, packing too much can overfill the device and block the airway. To prevent this, make sure to pack the chamber about halfway.

WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

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