Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop 30mg
Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop 30mg
Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop 30mg
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Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop 30mg

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Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop offers a delicious way to stay on top of your wellness routine.

Coming in mouth-watering flavors of mango blueberry flavors.

Each candy delivers you 30mg of pure delta 8 THC.

Third-party lab tested for quality and purity. Each jar contains 20 lollipops.


Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop 30mg offers a new way to enjoy some other finest nature has to offer!

Indulge your tastebuds in a classic lollipop treat while enjoying the benefits of delta 8 thc. Feeling great just became that much tastier!

Sun State Hemp Lollipops are made from pure delta 8.  These Sun State Hemp Lollipops contain 30mg of fully activated delta 8 to provide you with a soothing and calming effect as well as many other benefits.

These lollipops are carefully crafted with some of the best quality food-grade all-natural and organic components.

Sun State Hemp Delta-8 Lollipop come in two amazing flavor profiles, blueberry, and mango. They are perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth sucker you love all while enjoying your consumption of a great cannabinoid.

Please note these are available in jars of lollipops as well as an individual choice of Blueberry or Mango.

A jar consists of a mixed pack of Blueberry and Mango lollipops.

The single options mean you will receive one lollipop either Blueberry or Mango as selected by you.

Ingredients : 

Where to buy Sun State Hemp Delta-8 products?

Of course, being available at Great CBD Shop, it means we have tried and tested this product and made sure that it is 3rd Party Tested.  In addition, these lovely blueberry and mango lollipops are the perfect supplements or just a fun way to enjoy a hemp-derived cannabis product.

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