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Spensary x LulaCBD - THCV/Delta 8 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge (1 Gram)
Spensary x LulaCBD - THCV/Delta 8 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge (1 Gram)
Spensary x LulaCBD - THCV/Delta 8 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge (1 Gram)
Spensary x LulaCBD - THCV/Delta 8 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge (1 Gram)
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Spensary x LulaCBD - THCV/Delta 8 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge (1 Gram)

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***Note: This is an early release. The lab that we sent our final product off to for testing did not have the capacity in their equipment to test for Delta 8 THCV so we have to get another lab sample. However, we did clear our cartridges of being below the legal limit for Delta 9 THC, so they are legal to sell! Please note that the end THCV percentage in this cartridge is around 5-6% even though it doesn't show up on the current COA! 

In collaboration with LulaCBD, we bring you the first THCV cartridge on the market! 

What is THCV? 

THCV is a like a super sativa. It's invigorating and stimulating, and perfect for day time smoking or when you need to get up and go! Combined with our Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC these cartridges are perfect for energy while also providing full body relaxation and relief! 

Years of craft, development, and expertise from the industry's leaders have brought you an experience never before seen on the legal market. Rigorous testing and extensive research to find the absolute best ingredients on the market have culminated into what we can only consider the BEST cartridge on the market!

We didn't cut a single corner!

We started off with the absolute best, cutting-edge hardware that hasn't even been released to the general public yet, the Ascera XT-75's! These cartridges cost about 4 times as much as the leading metal cartridges with ceramic coils popularly used in other Delta 8 & CBD cartridges.

Why do they cost so much? Ascera's very best cartridge features a Quartz coil instead of ceramic, with organic Japanese Cotton Wick. This cartridge also features Viton seals instead of silicone, which is the same material used in high-grade Scuba suits, meaning an elite seal with no threat of leaching contaminants. These cartridges were also made with state of the art designed large, triangle intake holes that burst air bubbles on impact!

The cartridge is finally made in all-jewelry grade polished ceramic, that's actually the exact same ceramic that Apple uses. We're not kidding. 

Let's get on to what actually goes into these cartridges.

We took 99%+ pure THCV isolate and mixed it in with our premium, full panel tested 92% Delta 8 THC distillate. Then, we added our full spectrum crystal resistant CBD distillate that has 55.8% CBD, 4.5% CBN, 5.6% CBC, and 1.4% CBG to balance out the stimulating head high with a pairing of full body relaxation & relief!

Finally, we found the absolute best Cannabis derived terpenes & highest grade Botanical derived terpenes on the market to craft the ultimate flavor & smoothness a vape cartridge has ever seen. We found that a mix between Cannabis derived terpenes and Botanical terpenes is more flavorful and exceptional than just Cannabis derived terpenes!

Our Botanical derived terpenes are the highest quality the market has to offer and aren't as concentrated as other common terpenes found on the market. These include other important natural flavorings like flavonoids and esters that provide the full spectrum flavorings of the plant, almost as if you're smoking the flower itself. 

The result is an ultimate, layered, complex and truly craft high you will never find anywhere else! This is our crowning achievement and a project we've been working very hard on for years! 

Step into the future of hemp today! 

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