Inkratables Kratom Gummies
Inkratables Kratom Gummies
Inkratables Kratom Gummies
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Inkratables Kratom Gummies

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Inkratables Kratom Extract Gummies finally deliver a way to ingest kratom without the mess of powders and capsules! These gelatin gummies contain 20mg of kratom per gummy, or 200mg per bottle.

Kratom Gummies 200mg Extract are slammed packed with Kratom clocking in at a potency of 200mg per pack of 10 Gummies. The strain used is Maeng-Da kratom. The most popular kratom on the market. We have managed to stuff 200mg of kratom into one delicious gummies. Which by our definition is the biggest kratom product on the market.

The reason why we call our brand inkratables is because of the technique we use to harvest the leaves. It is also what gives it its signature taste.

The flavor of our product is what makes our brand special. The flavor is mostly liked by people who like Mitragia. Or Kratom powders. We lab test all of our kratom for impurities. Do not take if you are nursing or pregnant. Do not use machinery until you know how kratom effects you.

Our primary goal is to provide consumers with access to the most affordable, high-quality, and diverse selection of Kratom products possible.  But we’re more than just CBD people.  We started our company because we believe in holistic and natural approaches to wellness, which is why we are always looking out for new plant-based products to offer to customers.

One product that we are extremely excited about is kratom.  Kratom and CBD are frequently put into the same category, and for good reason.  They’re both plant-based and offer a variety of unique properties to the body.  But that’s about where the similarities end.  While CBD works by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, kratom supplies the body with plant compounds that produce chemical changes within the body.

You may have noticed that we offer a few Kratom products on our website.  This company produces kratom-based products that allow for a more user-friendly approach to incorporating this plant derivative into your daily wellness routine.  But we understand that many of our customers are very unfamiliar with kratom in general, which can make them hesitant to try out what Kratom Gummies have to offer.

What is Kratom?

First, let’s break down the basics on kratom.  Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, and it’s been used in traditional medicine since the 1800s, at least.

What Can Kratom Do?

Kratom is a unique plant that seems to produce opioid-like effects, but from a natural source rather than a synthetic drug.  Because of this, it’s commonly used as an alternative to opioids.  Kratom is known for having effects on both the mind and the body.  It’s commonly used as both a sedative and an antidepressant, because different strains and dosage levels can produce different psychological effects.  It is also frequently used as a natural pain reliever thanks to its opioid-like properties that block pain receptors in the brain.

  • 10 GUMMIES
  • 20 mg per gummie
  • Maeng-Da strain
  • LAB TESTED for purity and toxicity
  • Best bang for the buck

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