This is a Delta 8 Disposable device by Deltiva 8 in a white cardboard box.
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Deltiva Delta 8 Disposable

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Enjoy a clean relaxation ultra-purified Deltiva Delta 8 Disposable.
Available in multiple exotic flavors, choose one that best meets your preferences.
With varying natural terpene profiles, we know there’s a cartridge for everyone.

Deltiva Delta 8 Disposable

Deltiva Delta 8 Disposable are rechargeable that offer ready to go solution. Each Delta-8 pen contains 1ml of crystal clear Delta 8 currently testing at over 90%.

Utilizing state-0f-the-art processing techniques, Deltiva manufactures Delta 8 of crystal clear quality and potency while making sure all their products fall under the legal limit of 0.3%.

Ultra purified Delta 8 distillate cartridges infused with all-natural terpenes offer a different kind of vaping experience.

Available in eight different terpene profiles, Deltiva D8 Disposable vape offers a range of aromas, flavors, and effects. Choose a terpene profile that best meets your taste and odor preferences.

Terpene Profiles

  • Blue Dream
    Sativa Dominant Hybrid – Pine/Citrus/Bright
  • Golden Goat
    Sativa Leaning Hybrid – Sweet/Pine/Citrus
  • Sour O.G
    Indica Leaning Hybrid – More “Dank” Herbal/Sour Orange Peel Kick
  • Pineapple Express
    Pure Sativa – Distinct Pineapple, Pine, Fruity
  • Northern Lights
    Pure Indica – Herbal/Spicy/Citrus
  • Lemon Haze
    Pure Indica – Citrus/Bright/Sour
  • Gelato
    Pure Sativa – Citrus/Creamy/Sweet

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