This is a 510 delta 8 cartridge in blue colored plastic casing
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Rogue River Labs Delta 8 CDT Cartridge

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Delta-8 THC Vape Cart is a potent product from Delta Alternatives.

Coming in four distinctive terpene profiles, the Delta 8 THC vape cart allows users to experience different effects.

The product quality is second to none. Featuring perfect hardware, this vaping cart gives you the best vape experience.


Rogue River Labs is located in the beautiful, historic Rogue River Valley. Surrounded by acres of the finest hemp in the United States.  Their Delta 8 THC Vape Cart is a potent product with an exceptional terpene profile.

They believe quality starts with the ingredients. Therefore,Rogue River Labs, formerly known as Delta Alternatives sources only the finest material for their unique cannabinoid extractions and conversions.  No doubt, they are the OGs of Delta-8 THC production.

Being pioneers of the hemp industry, Rogue River Labs are truly helping to evolutionize the use of hemp and its many isomers and derivatives.

To pay tribute to these OGs–Delta Alternatives–we took it as an act of honor to have them listed on and to be offered on our site. At Delta Alternatives, they perfectly do Delta 8 THC products. By processing for several other brands, they have mastered the art of crafting the highest purity Delta 8 distillate.

They manufacture delta 8 with purity above no other, then marry with a special blend of all-natural terpenes.   A cart highly appreciated for its potency in the Delta-8 THC world.

Rest assured, Rogue River Labs Delta-8 THC doesn’t cut corners when it comes to its hardware.  Unlike many companies popping up, Delta Alternatives uses only the best hardware.  For example, the Authentic Jupiter CCell cartridges ensure the best vape experience.  These cartridges are tested clean for any heavy metals or pesticides with full panel available lab tests.

By using some of the best hardware on the market, not only Delta Alternatives makes it safer, it handles the oil perfectly. It provides even more flavor and vapor than standard cartridges, which we believe is the most critical component.

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