D8-HI Delta 8 Cookies
D8-HI Delta 8 Cookies
D8-HI Delta 8 Cookies
D8-HI Delta 8 Cookies
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D8-HI Delta 8 Cookies

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Looking for a way to sweeten your daily Delta 8 intake and get the a little snack in that your body craves?

Then look no further than D8-Hi Delta 8 THC Cookies Cookies! Combining everything you need in a cookie, from 62.5mg of delta 8 thc, and a host of mouth-watering, all-natural ingredients, these delta 8 thc edible cookies will put your grandma’s to the test, guaranteed!

Whether you’re just looking to indulge in a deliciously, calming snack, or enhance your workout with a side of thc, these THC cookies deliver everything you need and more.

  • Delta 8 THC – 62.5mg per cookie
  • quantity of 8 cookies per pack

Available in all the best cookie profiles:

  • Chocolate Chip Delta 8 THC Cookies

  • Peanut Butter Delta 8 THC Cookies

  • Cinnamon Delta 8 THC Cookies

We say this with all due respect but these Delta 8 Cookies are better than your grandma’s.

That’s just a fact.

Coming in at 62.5mg of pure Delta 8 THC and a host of deliciously, all-natural ingredients, D8-Hi THC Cookies make reaching a higher state of calm, a true mouth-watering endeavor.

Available in three unique flavors—Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon—will give any long-lost family recipe a run for its money!

The Relationship Between Delta 8 Cookies and You

In short, Delta 8 Cookies are delicious, enjoyable ways to get your day’s supply of Delta 8 THC.

And thanks largely to the concept of bioavailability—how much THC is absorbed in the body by consumption/application method—Delta 8 Cookies offer one of the highest rates of absorption.


Because you consume the THC oil baked into each THC Cookie. That means nothing is lost and you’ll get the full effects of each 62.5mg Delta 8 THC Cookie you eat.

What Are the Benefits of Delta 8 THC Cookies?

  • Flexibility
    What’s better than getting your day’s supply of D8 without the “earthy” taste of traditional cannabis products? Thanks to the flexibility of adding D8 THC Oil to your favorite desserts, you can enjoy anything from cakes, candies, and cookies with the added benefit of THC.
  • Pre-Measured
    If you’ve ever used a tincture, you understand that it can start to feel a lot like science class. If you want a regular intake schedule of THC so you can better measure its effects, our pre-measured THC cookies deliver 62.5mg of delta 8.
  • Easy Clean-up
    Forget the spilled vape juice and the dropped thc oil from your tincture, clean-up has never been easier with a tasty THC Cookie—not even crumbs stand a chance.

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