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This is a bottle of connoisseur blend kratom capsules.
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Connoisseur Blend Kratom Capsules by Club13

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Designed for the Kratom aficionado. Our Connoisseur Blend Kratom capsules have substantial relief benefits and euphoric qualities which provide you with a smooth, energetic experience. 

Kratom capsules is the favorite method for Kratom users. Firstly, they are virtually tasteless in capsule form. And secondly, they’re conveniently pre-portioned, making them ideal for busy people on-the-go. Each easy to take capsule contains approximately 0.950 grams of powder. Grab a bottle of our Connoisseur Blend Kratom capsules and see for yourself why people can’t get enough of Club13's premium Kratom.

Kratom needs heat, humidity, and the right soil pH to thrive. As such, Kratom trees thrive in their home regions where it’s hot and humid, and the soil is perfect. “Perfect” for Kratom means a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5, high humus levels, and exceptional fertility. As a result, it thrives in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding countries in the Pacific Rim. Kratom’s strict growing requirements also demand that the soil’s consistency must be porous enough to drain but sturdy enough to retain moisture. 

As a result of Kratom’s strict growing requirements, we source our Kratom directly from Indonesia. Where Kratom enjoys ideal growing conditions. All of our Connoisseur Blend Kratom products are harvested with care once they’ve reached maturity. 

Club13's Connoisseur Blend of Kratom is a premium blend of our best Kratom powders. 

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