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Blazy Susan Dab Tool
Earth Grown Wellness

Blazy Susan Dab Tool

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Blazy Susan Dab Tool helps you to get maximum out of your dabbing sessions. We offer affordable prices and deliver FAST.

Dab tools are a must when handling concentrates.

Using the right dabbing tool will help make sure you’re not losing any concentrate.

Meet Blazy’s Stainless Steel Dab Tool!

These tools are 100% heat safe and ready to get to work – you can even throw them in the dishwasher for cleaning later if you need to!

The Blazy Susan Dab Tool is also double-sided for more versatile usage.

What is a dabbing tool used for?

Dabbing tools, also known as dabbers, are used to pick up a dab of concentrate and apply it to an oil rig pipe, dab nail, or portable vape pen. Using a dab tool is a much safer option than using any other homemade tool.

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