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Blaz Premium Hemp Smokes Pack
Earth Grown Wellness

Blaz Premium Hemp Smokes Pack

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Blaz Premium Hemp Smokes Pack is crafted from the best USA Grown – less than 0.3% THC – Hemp Flower!

Enjoy the smooth inhaling and euphoric effects of this premium smoke pack. Get perfect comfort and relaxation, with each puff of the 100% hemp filled cigarettes.


Blaz Premium Hemp Smokes Pack provides a Hemp alternative to adult smokers.

Distinctly, we take pride in delivering a plant-powered smoking experience to the hemp community. Crafted from premium quality USA Hemp, these hemp-filled cigarettes deliver unprecedented comfort and relaxation.

Clearly designed with the smoker in mind, Blaz Premium Smokes Pack’s every puff brings rich hemp goodness without the effects of THC.

Coming in only .3% THC, each Blaz hemp filled cigarette delivers a multitude of benefits. Definitely, the smokers enjoy their smoke without having any harmful chemicals, addictive nicotine, lung-filling liquids, and THC associated side effects.

Undoubtedly, Blāz is the new wave of smoking.

Type of CBD: Full Spectrum

Usage:  Simple.

This is similar to smoking a cigarette. But without having any of the nicotine or harmful effects of tobacco.  Each pack of Blaz contains 10 single filtered hemp cigarettes.

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