Sober Up Alcohol Detox Shot


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Sober Up® is a detox shot made with naturally sourced ingredients. This powerful blend supports liver health, balance and mental clarity.

Sober Up® focuses on the root cause of a hangover (too much alcohol) which overloads the liver. It boosts the body’s own detoxification process and eliminates toxins.


  • To help reduce the physical side effects of drinking and maintain mental clarity.



  • To help prevent getting “too drunk” and maintain mental stability.



  • To help accelerate the body’s own detox process and faster hangover recovery.


Honey, Kudzu, Peppermint, Rehmannia, Turmeric, White Atractylodes, Wormwood, Poria, Siberian Solomon’s Seal, Astragalus, Chinese Salvia, Ginseng, Seanol-P, Water, Choline

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Single Shot, 3 Pack, Box of 24 Shots


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