Rapper Kush Kratom Effects Capsules



Rapper Kush Kratom Effects Fast Absorption Botanical Specimen Capsules

Back At It

Rebound and recover from your workout right with our Back At It blend! Formulated specifically to boost energy, endurance, and muscle development with a blend of Ginkgo Biloba, Taurine, Vitamin B Complex, and other essential Amino Acids. Add in our Premium Rapper Kush Kratom, and you’ll bounce back after that hard workout in no time!

Get Right

One of the benefits of Kratom is its anti-inflammatory properties. Formulated with Curcumin, Vitamin B Complex, Nanoblast Mineral Chelation, and Ginger to couple with Rapper Kush Kratom, you get the best blend possible to help take care of that inflammation, no matter where it is!


Needing a burst of energy? Our Lit formula is formulated with Nanoblast Mineral Chelation, Creatine, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B Complex, and other Amino Acids! Coupled with our Premium Rapper Kush Kratom you’ll be ready to do anything!


Formulated to promote bone health and relief of joint pain, our Strut blend is full of highly absorptive minerals, vitamins, and supplements that couple with our Premium Rapper Kush Kratom to keep you going!


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Strut, Lit, Back At It, Get Right, Kratom 400mg. 90ct., Nighty Night 395mg. 60ct.


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