Kream+Faded Blue Lotus and White Lotus Extract Disposable Vape

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Kream+Faded Blue Lotus and White Lotus Extract Disposable Vape

Kream + Faded Blue Lotus + White Lotus Extract Disposable 3.5g is a high-powered collaboration project from industry front runners Kream and Faded! Kream and Faded have shown the scene their knowledge and expertise in hemp-derived disposables and gummies; now, they want to conquer something new. This collaboration focuses on one of the scene’s most up-and-coming natural herbs with a twist!

This disposable offers users unique effects and sensations that many companies cannot capture. The only company that has even come close is Scorpio with its Blue Lotus + White Lotus + Mushroom 5g device. Our alternative product-loving friends enjoyed that blend so much that we have decided to bring on another Blue Lotus + White Lotus option!

Kream + Faded Blue Lotus + White Lotus Extract Disposables contain a potent 3.5g proprietary blend of Blue Lotus Extract, White Lotus Extract, HHC, and fruit-derived terpenes. These ingredients work synergistically to create an entirely unique experience, different from both a pure lotus experience and a pure hemp-derived experience.

What Makes This Blue Lotus + White Lotus Disposable Unique?

If users have been seeking a new type of vaping experience, let these flavor-packed duo lotus extract disposables guide them on a unique journey offering relaxation, invigoration, pure bliss, and delight! Faded + Kream have fused the perfect ratio of Blue Lotus to White Lotus, which offers not only deep relaxation but also unique psychoactive properties.

Many users are probably only familiar with Blue lotus, but there are six different-colored Lotus flowers in the Nymphaeaceae family. Each color of lotus contains the same primary alkaloids, apomorphine, and nuciferine, which provide the flower’s psychoactive effects. Every color provides similar effects to blue lotus, but some offer their own unique effects as well due to differences in the alkaloid profile. 

Blue Lotus is well known for its deeply relaxing effects, often compared to THC due to its profound body buzz. White lotus, on the other hand, has been thought to have higher levels of apomorphine, the alkaloid responsible for the plant’s trippier effects. Combining these two is a no-brainer that promises users the best of both worlds.

Regarding hardware, Faded + Kream has done an excellent job of consistently improving as time has gone on. These devices feature a sleek and discreet stick-style design with rounded edges and a soft-touch finish for comfort.

Aside from that, they have kept it simple. Each disposable is button-activated with preheat functionality. Users click five times to turn the device on or off and twice to activate preheat. Lastly, every device is USBC rechargeable.

Kream + Faded has launched this unique blue lotus blend in six mouthwatering flavors featuring fruit-derived terpenes! We’ll list them below.

Flavor Profiles:

  • Wat-A-Melon
  • Blue Razz Slushy
  • Ape Grapes
  • Hawaiian Pineapple
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Cali Peaches

Product Features:

  • 3.5g Disposable Vape (3500mg Active Ingredients)
  • Blend Of Blue Lotus Extract, White Lotus Extract, And HHC
  • Unique And Tasty Fruit-Derived Terpenes
  • Six Flavor-Packed Fruit Options
  • Potent Yet Balanced Relaxing And Euphoric Effects
  • Sleek And Discreet Stick-Style Design
  • Button-Activated With Preheat Function
  • USBC Rechargeable
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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Cali Peach, Tangerine Dream


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