Chronix Vape Cartridge Delta 8 | Delta 10 | THC-O Blend 1ml from Delta Extrax



Chronix  Blended Distillate Vape Cartridge is a premium quality Delta 8 | Delta 10 | THC-O cartridge

Each flavor is designed to give you a distinctive experience.

Our favorite is to pull Super Silver Haze off the shelf, whenever you looking for a nice focus based boost for starting the day.


Where Delta Extrax surpasses the competition is the little number of extra ingredients we use. Sourcing only the best Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and THC-O, we then take the cleanest terpenes and infuse them to bring you products that will not disappoint. All of Chronix products are lab tested for quality both in the raw form and in the finished product.

Terpenes Profiles available

  • Pie Hoe (Hybrid)
    • Pie Hoe strain is a Hybrid with a flavor profile that includes grassy, fruity, and other pungent flavors. Also, this strain is often referred to as Grape Pie Hoe due the hints of the grape taste. The unique flavors along with the pairing of different types of THC will leave you in that right state of mind.
  • Super Silver Haze (Sativa)
    • Super Silver Haze strain is a Sativa with a flavor profile that includes spicy, sour citrus, and other skunky aromas. Also, this strain is often referred to as “SSH” or “SS Haze” as an abbreviation. This is a true Sativa so you can expect a euphoric, and more uplifting type of experience.


Ingredients: Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, and Terpenes

**These Cartridges Are Disposable**  All Cartridges are 1.0ml. Fit onto normal 510 thread vape batteries and mods.

At Earth Grown Wellness, by independent third-party lab testing, we ensure our customers are buying the best quality products.

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Pie Hoe (Hyrbid), Super Silver Haze (Sativa)


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