Barney’s Botanicals 160mg Delta 9 THC Cereal Treats Sampler Pack

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Try them all for a discount!! This is a Barney’s Botanicals Sampler pack product, and includes 1 of each 160mg 2 pack Delta 9 THC cereal treat 

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This item comes with 1 of each 80mg 2 pack Delta 9 THC Cereal treats from Barney’s Botanicals


1x Fruity Pebbles 2 Pack = 160mg

1x Rice Krispies 2 Pack = 160mg

1x Resse’s Puffs 2 Pack = 160mg

1x Apple Jacks 2 Pack = 160mg

1x Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2 Pack = 160mg

1x Lucky Charms 2 Pack = 160mg

960mg Total!


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