Kava Strain Quick Facts

Vanuatan Borongoro

The Most Traditional Strain and Strongest Strain of Kava Strong peppery taste Stress Relieving Sleep Aide Night Time Use

Micronized Vanuatan

Mild Taste Sedating and stress relieving Recomended For Afternoon Use Refined to a finer powder to make brewing much easier

Tongan Pouni Ono

Great For Daytime Uplifting, Happier and more alert. Provides Mental Relaxation & Mood Enhancement.

Samoan Ava

Small Crop & Limited Availability Mood Boosting and Upbeat Non-sedating Recomended for daytime use

Fijian Loa Lawena

Bodily relaxation Euphoric & Stress Relieving Smoother & Easier To Drink Slight pepper taste

Fijian Loa Waka

Strongest Fijian Strain Great for any time of day Calms the mind Boosts mood Relieves bodily tension

Fijian Vulu Waka

Rare Fijian Strain Slows a busy mind Relieves Tension Great for winding down Best for afternoon or night time use

Fijian Vulu Lawena

Rare Fijian Strain Eases Daily Worries Larger serving sizes give a Heavy bodily relaxation Best for afternoon or night time use